Sunday, September 13, 2009

An Introduction

There are so many money management sites out there so why would this one be any different?

This would hopefully be a site for myself to reference websites and materials and possibly any other lost soul out there looking for answers about their financial problems or how to create a financially secure future.

I don't claim to know everything...far from it. This is a journey for myself as I travel through life and experiences and for anybody else interested in the type of topics that I write about. How can anybody claim to be an expert on the topic? I can applaud them if they wrote about the 'Global Financial Crisis' before it happened. No one can predict with certainty how the masses will react and the after effects of their behaviour. It's these simple dynamics that create our society and our economy and as a result, the impact our lives.

Whether you are a maestro already in the game of money and finance, or starting off on those little baby steps to learn more about how to save or create a future for yourself, I hope you learn something from this blog.

Without much ado, this concludes the introduction to this blog.

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