Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bought A House And My Portfolio Is Up 20%

Finally, Mr SMG and I have bought a house. If you've been visiting my progress bars on my homepage then you will have noticed that last year in June, I reached my goal for a house deposit and have since then, been house hunting madly. It's either dump the funds into another asset or leave it earning a pitiful amount of bank interest that becomes bugger all after tax.

After checking out almost seventy open house inspections, making a few multiple re-visits, reading property contracts after contracts, I can definitely say that I'm much more of a walking encyclopaedia when it relates to property structures, easements, covenants, location, aspects and layouts.

It's significantly tougher looking for a house to live in than buying an investment property(IP).

With IPs, you can literally overlook annoying little things like the ceiling being an average standard height or the bedrooms are smaller than usual. But oh my...when looking for a house to actually live in, the hunt is tougher because of minor things like some rooms not receiving sufficient sunlight(installing skylights being impractical or impossible due to the house being double storey), the kitchen pantry is too small, the ceilings aren't high enough, there is scruffy or dingy carpet that has to be pulled off and wooden floorboards installed, the master bedroom is too small, no built ins, the stove isn't gas but electric, the house isn't double brick, three bedrooms and one bathroom aren't big enough, it's strata or community titled and not free on and so forth.

I have absolutely no qualms about renovating but at this stage of my life, I don't have time to sniff paint, rip carpets off, drill and rebuild. Theoretically, ripping up the carpets, installing polished wooden floorboards, adding skylights, building outdoor alfresco dining areas, fresh paint, building built ins, renovating kitchens and bathrooms all add value to property than buying one that already has all those features in place(thus building equity to enable refinancing for further acquisitions) . However, like mentioned, I simply haven't got the time to do those things in the near future...perhaps with the next property in the coming years.

All these fussy complaints would have been overlooked if we were just buying another IP. If it was just another investment property, I'd have no issues with buying a single brick, fibro, cladding or whatever type of property as long as it met the simple requisites of location, transport, shops and possibly schools (it depends on which type of tenants you wish to target).

With our latest acquisition, my finances have become merged somewhat with Mr SMG's finances so it is getting rather difficult to break down the performance of my investment portfolio. The only thing that hasn't been merged or intermingled is my stock portfolio, which I'm happy to say actually grew by 20% over the past year. If you have read previous posts of mine, then you'll know which stocks I hold across the various sectors (mining, agricultural, retail and financial).

The power of compounding is nothing to be sneezed at. Every single dollar has been working hard over these years and it's amazing how much capital growth and passive income there have been from investing and reinvesting the income from those investments back into obtaining additional assets.

So far, so good.

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