Thursday, February 16, 2012

Simple Valentines Day

I know Valentines Day has come and gone. Life is simply way too hectic lately. This year's Valentines Day was the simplest one yet and I'm loving it.

SMG blog is written solely from my viewpoint so it's usually only about my own personal adventures, trials and tribulations with regards to my life and my personal finance. However, incase you haven't read between the lines, Mr SMG does exist but I usually ignore and disregard his personal finances when it relates to this blog!! I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate me splashing his personal finances out to y'all.

In previous years, I use to receive extravagantly huge, vases of flowers(yes, multiple vases of flowers *.*) on Valentines Day but after consecutive years of roses that never bloomed and exotic flowers that wilted by the end of the week, it was time to call it quits with the floral gifts and instead ask for perennial flowering plants which live indefinitely...until you forget to water them of course!

This year has been very busy so instead we both decided to not do anything at all except for lunch out and dinner with family. It's been a relief both ways. Usually I'll be fretting about buying gifts and Mr SMG will be fretting about booking something mysterious. Our Valentines Day spending has dropped significantly. From around $1,000 jointly (insane!!) to around $80 joint expenditure this year.

And it was totally fine by me. Florists usually chemically treat flowers to extend their life for Valentines Day and restaurants have sub-par food and service because they're fully booked with couples wining and dining one another. I'd take a non-conventional date to celebrate as opposed to following the crowd.

So yea, that was SMG's Valentines Day. Hope my dear readers found some love, received some loving or at least got a flirtatious wink from someone hot and sexy ;) Happy Belated Valentines Day and have an awesome weekend =)

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