Friday, May 6, 2011

Spending: Books and more books

Reading too much too fast can be bad

Since I've been catching public transport to work for the past few weeks, I've been burning through my reading materials. I often panic if I can't find reading material for the travel to work.

I wonder if anyone else feels that panic sensation if they don't have anything to read while transiting?

 Unlike a lot of travellers, I've never suffered travel sickness of any type and infact, find that I can concentrate very well while travelling. Unfortunately I read too fast and often find myself flying through the books that I've got and have had to buy more. Visited the local Red Cross store to stock up on some more books as you can see in the photo above. Six books for $12 which is not too bad.

I'll read anything, across all the genres. Fantasy, horror, murder mysteries, classics, futuristic, technical texts, romance novels etc Until our local library opens up, I'll be either buying or reading ebooks.

Kindle and ebooks

My friend is lending a Kindle to me. If I really like it then I'll contemplate buying one. Once the Kindle is loaded with ebooks, I'll have a good supply of reading materials so that there's no more panic moments over having nothing to read while travelling.

Recent books read:
  • Patricia Cornwell - Post Mortem (This book is thoroughly chilling)
  • Patricia Cornwell - The Body Farm (Classic story about Munchausen Syndrome)
  • Patricia Cornwell - Body of Evidence (You'll never want to live alone after reading this)
  • The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini (A sad story that jerks the heartstrings)
  • Johanna Lindsey - Joining (Historical romance involving Earls, Knights and consipiracy)
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